Thursday 17 May 2012

It's like Marmite!

Gosh our home on Houzz caused quite a lot of mixed opinion! I had fun reading all the comments good and bad!! Imagine if I hadn't tidied up!
Anyway on the upside my first  Etsy customer  to come via the Houzz site yesterday, a lovely lady in Auburn, U.S.A. So thank you to her for buying some cards.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Our Home!

We live in a house which is full of stuff! Really we could do with a house twice the size but London is so expensive we cannot even afford another room! My husband would move in a flash he would love a Huf House and yes they are gorgeous but somehow I am not ready to leave London yet! Also I am not very good at getting rid of any of our beloved bits and pieces, so we have ended up with a houseful! My long suffering husband would love to be minimal! Poor man. Anyway Houzz got in touch a while ago and the lovely Beccy came to take some photo's. She did a great job, even when  the weather was so horrid and very wet. So this is the link to our humble very crammed home. These are my pictures not Beccy's as you don't seem to be able to copy and paste from the site!

Monday 14 May 2012

Rainbow Day

Thankyou to Teresa who found me via her friends great blog Artic Mum. Her little girl loves rainbow so she put in a special request. Maybe I should list this in my Etsy shop.
It should look really nice in a frame.