Monday 18 August 2014

Monday's Creative Bloghop!!

Welcome to the Monday Blog Hop and thank you to the lovely Gabriella Buckingham who passed it on to myself and Este Macleod, Gabriella produces wonderful paintings from her studio in Norfolk. You can read her blog hop here, I will be doing the same and passing it on to these three fantastic designer/illustrators listed below, 

Ine Beerten, you can see her work here.
Monika Forsberg she is found here.
Brooke Wenstrup Albrecht lives here.

 I met all three through on line courses, they will follow with a blog on the 25th August.There work is all very different, so please go take a look.

So here goes with the questions...........

1 What am I working on?

As for quite a few of us, it is the school holidays in the U.K at the moment. I find it is almost impossible to work on much when everyone is around, but I have just managed to complete a design for the Lilla Rogers Global Talent search, can't reveal the design yet but I had fun creating the image and it was good to be able to prove to myself and my family that I could actually manage to design something with them all at home! My Etsy shop and website are also in urgent need of up dating so they will be the next thing to tackle along with some personal projects that are waiting in the wings.

2 How does my work differ from other work of its genre?

Every artist or illustrator wants to try and create something new but of course that is very difficult, I took a long break from being creative while my family were young, and then really struggled to get back into my work again.Taking the Lilla Rogers and Mati Rose on line courses, plus a print making course at a local college, really helped me to find my feet again and slowly now I feel much happier and excited about what I am producing.
There are of course lots of collage artists out there but I hope I can somehow try to create something a little bit different.

3 Why do I create what I do?

Somehow my life doesn't feel complete unless I can be creative, I lost that for a few years and I don't won't to lose it again. I am always looking around for things that inspire or intrigue me, great colour combinations, textures, quirky objects, I love to take photos to document what I see, many I put on my instagram page, some days I don't get any time to spend working on a collage, on those days I at least I try to take a few photo's either for later inspiration or just because I like what I see through the lens.

4 How does my creative process work?

Normally I will do a few pencil sketches to get a rough idea down, but sometimes I just start playing directly in collage too. White tissue paper plays a big part, I lay it out on newspaper and apply paint and add texture too it, I produce many different sheets in various colours and patterns. I also have now built up a collection of papers that are all ready to use, then depending on the design, I either collage lots of icons which I scan into photoshop and digitally arrange, recently I have started also working on canvas's combining collage and paint. I really am enjoying every aspect of the collage process and I am excited to see where it will take me.

Thank you for reading my hop and please take time to check out the lovely Ine, Monika and Brooke who will take part next Monday.