Thursday 14 June 2012


My friend Lucy has just open up a shop on Etsy, full of lots of quirky cards, for something a bit different go check out Reshuffle.
Also don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be included in my giveaway which will close next Friday!

Fathers Day / Birthday greeting card. 'Mr Plod'. Genuine 1950s playing card mounted. Blank inside.

Tuesday 12 June 2012


So finally as promised it is time for my giveaway, actually two!! The first prize will be a print, one of my London ones (the winner can chose the one they like!) The size of the image will be A4 printed onto A3+ Paper and the second will be a surprise selection of five cards.

So please leave me a lovely comment and I will pick the two names out of a hat or maybe a box at the end of next week! (Friday 22nd)  It would be great to get a few new followers, so if you spread the word then let me know and I will put you twice in the hat! Phew.....think that is it, this is a first for me so hope it works out!

Sunday 10 June 2012

Sometimes Soggy!

Our week in Cornwall was a mix of all things but the location is lovely and the cottage in a perfect spot, so that helps with what ever the weather may throw at you.
There was sand in our toes and salt water in our hair, it was great to be out of the city, out of distance of internet and an eleventh birthday to celebrate and beautiful views that change every day!