Friday 6 July 2012

So the new winner is!!!

After waiting two week for the winner to come forward for the card giveaway and with no response, I have now drawn out a new name, the cards are in the envelope ready to go!
So the new winner is Rachel from Rainbow Vintage Home. Please contact via my email which you can find on my web site!

Thursday 5 July 2012


So yes it is finally as finished as it can be.
I hope it will be a fitting back drop to the school show next week.
It will be great to get a couple of shots with the production in full swing.
As Lemanie never came forward I will do a redraw for the giveaway cards tomorrow!

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Nearly Done!

Tomorrow is the last day of painting so I thought I would show you how it is going, Year 6 have painted lots of faces which look fantastic, and today I had a big working party helping out which was great.
Tomorrow will be all the finishing touches I hope!
Also still no contact from Lemanie the winner of the card giveaway, so on Friday I will draw out another name the basket of names still sit beside me!