Saturday 2 November 2013

Tissue Papering London!

So now on week 4 of Lilla Rogers MATS course and I am now thinking that maybe I can work with tissue paper in a way to make images, excited by the prospect and hope I can continue to develop this idea, this week project was to create an editorial map of the town or village where you live.

Tuesday 29 October 2013


Week 4 of MATS is editorial week, looking forward to the assignment tomorrow, so far we had to play around with type and our home town! Hand Type is something I dread but my hometown I love so should be fun.
A lot more snipping and sticking going on as my ideas develop!

Sunday 27 October 2013

Sunday Feature.

Thankyou to the lovely Jane at Flight-Platform Living for featuring me today on her fantastic blog.

Here is this week's collection for Art-Stopping Sunday...a selection of the art and creativity that has made my heart stop and skip a beat across the week!

 Please enjoy because I did!

1. Interactive cardboard art over at Artistica Domestica.
2. The beautiful camping designs of Tracey English as she explores the MATS course.
3. The heart-wrenching story and work of Judith Scott...unmissable!
4. More of Judith Scott on her own web page, this work and story stole my heart totally this week!
5. The beautiful work of Amanda Blake.
6. Embroidered portraits by the talented Melissa Zexter
7. The memory-evoking work of Wales based Valeriane Leblond...her pieces remind me of home!
8. The wonderful Kate Pugsley whose work I have the great pleasure to own.
9. Sound and drawing inspiring each other at the Pencil Tree Project.

Do you have some magic to share...please leave a link in the comments if you do! It could be art, craft, fashion, photography, the written word....whatever captured your creative soul this week! Have a beautiful Sunday everybody. xxxxx