Friday 26 October 2012

Hit and Miss!

This term I started a screen printing course at Putney school of Art.
Its all very hit and miss and so far we have only been allowed to do paper stencils so this is my first very basic print, an adaption of my London Bus Digital Print! Don't think a single one was perfect but I enjoyed the process and it was good to work with real paints  and inks for a change.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Vintage Boom!

Some friends just set up a shop on Etsy with lots of Vintage goodies, must be worth a peep!
These were my favourites.



Sunday 21 October 2012

Cool Lights

On a very grey sunday on the South Bank, whilst visiting the Festival Halls we spotted the New Light Modulator, it was great to see something full of colour in the gloomy light. I loved all the different tones, textures and reflections, they must look amazing at night.