Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moyo Site

Just set up my Moyo Site go take a peep and click on the heart!

Big Thankyou.


  1. your moyo page looks great tracey! i especially love your folk pattern design and your school murals are wonderful. how did you like the lilla rogers course? been thinking about doing that one or the rachael taylor one.

    1. Thank you. I was nervous about taking that course so much money etc etc, but i have to say I got a lot out of it, especially part B, maybe as I knew more what to expect.
      The amount of people taking it is huge and a little overwhelming so much talent,but it has got me doing some new work so I guess all is good. The Rachel Taylor one is pretty popular too. Love your work by the way always looks amazing.

    2. thanks tracey, i know i always get a bit overwhelmed with how much amazing stuff is out there. just got to try not to compare and go my own way :-)

  2. Dear Tracey, I saw your art on Illustration Friday and rushed here to look at more. I love your cityscapes!!! They are really eyecatching, Best wishes,