Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy Weekend

This weekend is a big one for the U.K, lots of parties and lots of bunting! and apparently lots of rain.
Anyway whatever happens I am sure there will be lots of fun, we are off to Cornwall tomorrow, when I return I am planning to do a giveaway! Not sure how or what yet, I will think on it for the week!


  1. Have a fabulous fun filled weekend...and holiday.

    You've just reminded me to get the M&S goodies out.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  2. Happy weekend, love Cornwall. Must be fun with the queens jubilee, especially with all the merchandise!

  3. Three cheers for the original red, white, and blue!! Happy Jubilee!
    Btw, I LOVE that teacup :)

  4. Have a lovely time in Cornwall, look forward to your return and I am pondering doing a giveaway as well! D x