Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Impressions Part 3

This will be my finally post of holiday shots, don't won't to bore anyone!!
Anyway our second week of the holiday was spent on the coast just south of Gothenburg. We stayed in a holiday house that just had the most amazing view and sunsets whatever the weather,  I would have liked to off bottled it and brought it home it was fantastic. Every so often I have to look at the photo's and pinch myself that I was actually there!

Also the lovely Emma over at The Blooming Times is having a fab giveaway go take a peep and join in.


  1. Gorgeous holiday montage! Hope that the holiday blues, don't hit too hard. D xxx
    ps. Nearly had a mini heart attack, as this first line of the post reads ' this will be my final post....My heart sank, as I thought your meant EVER! All was good as I continued to read on!

  2. Not boring at all - completely inspiring - and I love all the reflections and sunsets.

    Nina x

  3. I've been leaving a few comments and they seem to have disappeared grrrrr! But just to say that these shots are stunning! And I'm happy to see you got your lovely boys fishing for your supper! :)