Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sometimes Soggy!

Our week in Cornwall was a mix of all things but the location is lovely and the cottage in a perfect spot, so that helps with what ever the weather may throw at you.
There was sand in our toes and salt water in our hair, it was great to be out of the city, out of distance of internet and an eleventh birthday to celebrate and beautiful views that change every day!


  1. Oh Tracey that looks so beautiful! Those blue cottages next to the sea look like a picture postcard. I'm glad you've had a wonderful time. x

  2. ah just gorgeous gorgeous photos. is that barbara hepworth gallery I see there? I love Cornwall, we're going in a couple of weeks and I cannot wait! x

    1. Yup thats right it is the lovely garden at Barbara Hepworth's Musuem.

  3. Such beautiful pictures!! You've got me all excited about my trip to Cornwall this summer! PS Happy birthday to your gorgeous boy!

  4. I love that first picture - such a happy little man with a cheeky smile.....?

    My eyes have gone all squinty it's so grey here - but what can you do? In my case, squint I guess.

    Happy holidays and delicious memories,

    Nina x

  5. Tracey your pics are great - and I spot some sunshine, so your husband can't complain too much!!