Monday, 20 August 2012


As the weather was so great this weekend we decided to get up early and drive to the coast at
West Wittering on Sunday. Hadn't quite realised that the whole world and his wife, and his camper van and his BBQ and his in laws would be there too!!
Didn't take the boogie boards which of course turned out to be a big sin! Don't think I have ever been on a beach so crowded, and the tide was coming in which I guess in packed on the situation.
We did have a paddle and a jump in the waves and left early to avoid the mammoth traffic jam on the way home!


  1. Every year, we give up on our nearest beach (all on ten minutes away-Brighton) and stay that we are going to try somewhere new ie. West Wittering or Whitstable! Thanks for the heads that this maybe yet another popular choice! Looks like fun and what a lovely sun filled weekend! D xxx

  2. I can so sympathise - our beaches are always the same at the slightest hint of warm weather. We avoid them like the plague.

    Fortunately though we are just a short walk away so we can pick and choose when we go down. Normally at sunrise or sundown! Though when the tide goes out it's not so bad.

    It's also not so bad out of season as well - maybe next time you should head this way.

    Nina xxx

  3. West Wittering is the best, we love it there!!! But a flippin nightmare on a nice day..hahahaaaa that must come under the law that is sod :o) I have to admit that your pic above is quite shocking though, I've never seen it that bad. Maybe it's because we've been so deprived of sunshine this year. You did well to actually get there though...I'm impressed xx

  4. Oh lucky lucky lucky you. Apart from the fact that we are 2 hours away from the beach it proper chucked it down yesterday. ALL DAY. It's grim up north :-(

  5. Wow, this photograph is like a scene from a movie shot in LA during the beach party of the year! I have never seen that many people on the beach, it looks very cheerful and fun (except the traffic on the way back)! Have a lovely sunny week x

  6. looks busy,lol

    just love the idea driving to the beach

  7. Wow, that was a lot of people! You should come up here, no one the beach (understandable).

  8. Wow that is crazy packed. The traffic going to the witterings was super busy on the weekend, leaving a bit early was probably a good idea! xx